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Appledore Good Neighbour Service


Caring for our Community


Who is the Service for?
The Good Neighbour Service is open to any resident of Appledore. To use the Service, ring the co-ordinators on 01233 758478, telling them how they can help you.

The Service provides non-emergency help for anyone who does not have access to transport, public or private, and is unable to get out of their house due to a permanent or temporary disability.

What we can help with
We can provide the following help:

  • Collecting prescriptions

  • Transport to the G.P.’s surgery

  • Transport to the dentist or opticians

  • Transporting parishioners to their place of worship

  • Transport to visit a relative or close friend in a nearby hospital

  • Picking up small items of shopping

  • Transport to Appledore shops and Post Office

  • Transport of a domestic pet & owner to a local vet

Except in exceptional circumstances, our service is limited to within a 12 mile radius of Appledore.

 What we cannot do

  • Provide personal care (washing, bathing etc.)

  • Provide domestic help (cooking, cleaning etc.)

  • Deal with bills, banking or picking up pensions

  • Odd jobs around the home

  • House sitting

These services are not covered at present by our insurance and they are normally provided by Social Services for those that need them.

We are only able to respond to the particular needs listed. However, as the service develops, we may be able to offer additional facilities.

Those wishing to make use of the Service should leave a message for the co-odinators on the Good Neighbour Service answerphone, 01233 758478, stating the help they need and giving their name, address and telephone number. At least 48 hrs. notice should be given, longer if possible. The Service operates throughout the year, except for the week prior to Christmas until the New Year. All messages are picked up after 6pm each day and one of the co-ordinators will get back to you by the end of the following day to confirm arrangements.

If you wish to become a volunteer, please contact the Service on 01233 758478.

Appledore Good Neighbour Service

Code of Conduct
You can expect to be treated with respect, and to have information about you kept confidential.

You will be given a date and time when the help will be provided.

We will tell you the name of the volunteer who will visit you. All our volunteers carry identification. We ask you to treat our volunteers with respect, and remind you that they will not accept payment for their help.

You must not give money to the volunteers, but any car parking charges are the responsibility of the Service user.

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