Appledore Local History Society

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Appledore Local History Society would like to extend a very warm welcome to everyone who has recently moved to Appledore. We are open to anyone who has an interest in Appledore and its history and we welcome new members. We hope to recommence our regular monthly meetings in the summer but, in the meantime, if you are interested in finding out about the history of our village and its surrounding areas, or would perhaps like help with tracing the story of your house (if it is one of the older properties in the village), please contact our secretary Jo Killick, on 758405 or

The Local History Society meets at the Methodist Chapel 2nd Thursday every month at 7.00pm

Aims and Objectives

Appledore has a rich and interesting heritage which goes back centuries. It complements the landscape in encouraging visitors and tourists to the village and provides a link for the current villagers to their predecessors.

The aims, objectives and obligations of the Appledore Local History Society are:

  • To provide a focal point for the regular gathering of local residents interested in the history of the village and surrounding areas

  • To facilitate the collection, collation and sharing of information and artefacts and to provide a repository for the benefit of future generations

  • To build an extensive archive that might be developed into a local Appledore Heritage Centre

  • To welcome and inform new residents of the history of the village and surrounding areas

  • To provide visitors to Appledore some basic facts that will enhance their knowledge of the village

  • To establish heritage trails that will enrich the enjoyment of tourists to the village


For more Information on the group and updates on their activities visit their website here


Chair Brian Knight 01233 758319


Secretary Jo Killick 01233 758405  E: 


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